Sunday, 24 July 2011

Where have I been for a month?!

I can't believe how fast the last month has flown by.  We've been SO busy.  We've had three different birthdays in the last two weeks.  I've made a rehearsal dinner cake, wedding cake and birthday cake.  We sold an investment house we owned in the Beaches (Toronto) and oh.... I've gone back to work (more on that in a different post)!

I have pictures of two of the three cakes.  Here is the rehearsal dinner cake:

Click to view a larger picture

The birthday cake:

Click to view a larger picture

The flowers for both were done using gum paste which is actually a lot of fun to work with because you can roll it really thin and work with it to make lots of different shapes.  It also dries really hard so it keeps its shape perfectly. The drawback is that it's fragile like china once it's dry.

DH and I spent most of our time working on the landscaping for the house we sold.  We did almost all of the work (and decorating) ourselves.

Here are some before (on the left) from the original listing when we bought it and afters (on the right):

I love how the house has a completely different feel after the work was completed.
 And here's the back where I think the biggest transformation happened. 

 See the double chaise lounge at the back of the yard?  I created it from 2 chaises we had on our deck.  They were sanded and stained a darker colour and then I sewed a cover for the cushions to make them into a double cushion.  I'm so excited that we're going to have it at our house soon!  Here are some pictures from closer-up:

The mirrors are all from Value Village or Goodwill and I spray painted the frames white in our backyard.

Don't you just want to crawl on and read a really good book for hours!
As soon as I can, I'll be back.  There are big plans in the works for Mason's party :)

- Jacs


  1. Where you find the time, I'll never know! The house looks amazing, and your right - I DO want to read for hours in that chaise!

  2. Thank you :) I don't know how you do what you do!

  3. I love the black stone and the little trees in front of the house! Looks gorgeous!