Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Planning Avery's 2nd Birthday

If you'd told me last year that I would choose a Disney princess story as a theme for my little girl's 2nd birthday, I would have said there was no way!  But here I am, planning to do a Snow White birthday in May.  Yes, it's four months away.  Yes, I'm ridiculous.  But I've found that unless I start planning early it becomes overwhelming very quickly.

I'm not going to lie, part of the reason for Snow White is because the red, yellow & blue colour scheme is exactly the same as Mason's Superhero party last fall, and I'll be able to use up and repurpose a lot of the stuff I have left over that's taking up space in my cupboards and in my office. 

I'm definitely going to focus on the whole heart & apple thing from the movie.  I'll make caramel & chocolate covered apples as a party favour for everyone.  I found a great tutorial online for it and will try a couple different taste tests before I finalize things:


I came across some other great favour ideas:


For smaller people, I'd use red, yellow & blue to spell their names.

And for bigger girls - Kool-Aid lip gloss
(seriously, it's supposed to be only Kool-Aid & Vaseline!)
I haven't figured out what to do for the boys.... I don't think princely swords would go over too well with parents...hmmm.

Here are some more  ideas I found on Pinterest:

Isn't this a cute interpretation for a cake?
[ via Pinterest]

Williams Sonoma now sells Snow White cookie cutters!
Decorating them could be a fun activity for the kids.

I love this idea, but would have a completely different execution -
and would try to incorporate it in a photo staging area.
[ via Pinterest]
Love the 'Poison Potion' drinks! 
[ via Pinterest]

I could replace the candy bar with a cupcake decorating bar.
I always end up with SO much candy left over....
[ via Pinterest]
 After a quick search on Google Images for 'Snow White Party':

Sweets table
Invitation option
hmmmm.... turf for the tables.  Snow White did spend a lot of time in the forest.

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho it's off to work I go.....

- Jacs


  1. I am planning a baby shower seven months in advance, so four months is nothing! Good for you! Go girl!