Monday, 30 January 2012

BodyRockTV - 30 Day Challenge: Week 3

Good morning!  We've completed week 3 and it was a beast.  I don't think A found it quite as difficult as I did, but as I'm writing this on Monday morning my inner thighs are STILL killing me from the workout on Thursday. 

I haven't done any measurements this week but everything feels tighter and stronger.  Plus, one night last week when we were putting Mason to bed, DH stopped and looked at me and said that I looked different... leaner.  I was shocked.  This is a man who doesn't notice if I have something in my teeth or mascara smeared on my face, so there must something happening for him to say it.

I've had a couple people ask me for more details about and I realized that I must not have been very clear about a couple things.  First and foremost - there's NO cost involved unless you choose to purchase some equipment.  The content on the site is completely free.  They do have equipment they use and endorse (gotta make a living somehow!)  but for every workout, after you see how to do each exercise, you are also shown how to do modifications if you don't have any equipment or if you're not fit/strong enough yet to do them as is.  I know that A uses chairs from her dining room to do some of the exercises and I have a little bench that joins me for almost every workout on top of the pull-up bar & dip station that I picked up at the beginning.

My only complaint with the site at this point is that sometimes the videographer/editor chooses to focus on a little too much T&A when all I'm interested in is seeing how the exercises are being done so that my form is good.

I read somewhere that when you start exercising it takes a month for you to see a difference, it takes two months for your family to see a difference and three months for friends to see a difference.  There's one week left in this 30 day challenge.  I'm interested to see my before and after pictures next week to really see if there's been a change.

- Jacs


  1. Way to go!!! Ain't nothin' stopping you now.

    I totally disagree about when you start seeing changes - I think you can see them as early as 5 days in. And if you point it out to all your friends, they can see it as early as 5 days too ;)

    Will you be posting your before and after pictures?

  2. Maybe if I trained and ate like you I'd see changes in 5 days!!! As for pics... we'll see...