Monday, 23 January 2012

BodyRockTV - 30 Day Challenge: Week 2

To my competitive chagrin, A is pretty much kicking my butt with the workouts!She does more reps and needs to modify less often.  She's also seeing more results than me.  Last week she took her measurements and they were about half and inch smaller all around.... after only a week!  I can't wait to hear how much she's shrunk this week.

As of Sunday morning (2 weeks completed), I'm a half inch smaller around my bust, hip and thigh and an inch smaller around my waist.  If you're doing these workouts or are planning any workout program, I would highly recommend that you measure yourself.  You can't see a half inch difference but it's nice to know that there's something happening!

The workouts in Week 2 have been great actually.  Both A and I feel stronger so we've been finding that we can do more repetitions and we've been working on keeping good form.  It's easy to go through the motions and count it as a rep but if you want to make the most of the 12 minutes then it makes more sense to do it properly.  Plus, as I'd hoped, we're becoming more familiar with the names and movements so it feels more familiar and takes a little less time to get prepped.  Mind you, we both did diagrams one day last week to have a visual reminder for how to do one of exercises during the workout!

One of the things I skip through in the BodyRock daily videos is their motivational pep talk.  At this point, I'm more motivated by my pact with A to see this through but I appreciate how if someone is doing this on their own having pre-amble to the workout would be fantastic. 

Mason has also been 'exercising' with mommy. Mostly he watches cartoons in my bedroom while I do the workout after Avery goes to sleep, but from time to time he'll try to do the same things as me.  I love that he sees me doing this because I think it's important for him growing up in an environment where exercise is just part of what you do in a day.  That alone should be motivation enough to keep me going.

If you have been thinking of doing the 30 Day Challenge, here's the one to get started.

- Jacs

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  1. Wooot! Keep at 'er! Just 3 weeks to go. You can TOTALLY beat A by the end of this week ;)