Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Pinterest obsession

I love Pinterest.  It's true.  For the first two weeks after I got my invitation I probably spent 4-6 hours a day on the site.  It was so exciting to see a community of women (although it isn't only for women) accumulating beautiful ideas, projects, and above all else, inspiration on one site.

For anyone who hasn't heard of or understand what Pinterest is, it's a place where you create virtual clipboards that categorise information by topic (ie. fashion, diy projects, recipes etc.).  So when you come across something amazing online, like your next DIY project or a fabulous workout routine, you pin it!  For me, it allowed me to clear out my bookmarked pages and put all the information I had accumulated into a place that made it easier to catalogue and then find the wonderful things that I ran across online.  Each PIN on your clipboard is a link to the site you found with a picture (from the original site) that gives you a visual reminder of what you pinned to a specific board, which is SO much better than the descriptions I used to type into my bookmarks!

This is my collection of boards on Pinterest.  I have 15 boards.  The ones shown are Design, I want to do that!, love it, Food, Organization, Style.   Each thumbnail is something I've pinned onto the different boards and links back to the site where it came from.

The great thing is that you can also add other people's pins to your boards so as long as members of the site are adding new links there's a wealth of new and wonderful ideas compiled in one place.

To say that the pins I've come across have inspired me would be an understatement.  I've never really decorated for Christmas before but this year I made a wreath for our front door, bought a table for the front hall and decorated it and created a hangy-thing (I know, sounds pretty unimpressive) for over the dining room table.  Each was inspired by the beautiful ideas I saw online.

These are a few of my Pinterest-inspired projects:

Inspired by this wreath by Matt & Becky
(found via Pinterest)
Inspired by this vignette and these cone trees at Landee See Landee Do.
(found via Pinterest)

Inspired by this chandelier at Bower Power.
I have admit, I much prefer the original but I only saw it once on Pinterest and
then couldn't find it for a visual reference when I was creating mine. Oh well!

I've done a some work to the kids' rooms too so I'll post those pics soon.

If you're interested in joining Pinterest, enter your email address here and click 'Request an Invitation'.

Happy pinning!

- Jacs

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