Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mason's 3rd Superhero Birthday

Better late than never... right?!  We celebrated Mason's 3rd birthday last September and I loved every part of it.

I sent out a save the date via email and had every intention of making the actual invitations.

Unfortunately, time wasn't on my side and to stay sane I sent out an emailed invitation instead:

Notice the SuperMason logo?  It became the focus of the rest of the colours & theme for the party.

I think I'm getting better at the whole birthday party thing... it was the 3rd one I've put together and they're coming closer to the vision I have in my head when I start.  Here are some pics my step-father & sister-in-law took of the day.  The ones we took were somehow lost in the transfer from camera to computer (ugh.)

The treat table
This didn't look exactly the way I wanted. It's a little sloppy
& too packed full of 'stuff' but I didn't have anywhere else to put it!
The cake
Gotham city skyline, Spiderman's web & Superman's belt topped with the SuperMason logo.
The M is actually covered in sparkly red sugar but it didn't show up in the pictures.

The loot bags 
I 'laminated' comic book pages & sewed them into a lunch bag shape. 
To keep the tops rolled down I painted clothes pins yellow & attached the 'Thank You' tag.

Loot bags & cups for kids to take home.

The superhero dress-up station 
I sewed double-sided capes (red/blue & black/yellow)
for the kids to use to transform themselves into the superheroes of their choice. 
Then I added accessories that I thought they might like to complete their look.

Superheroes in the making.

After the kids became superheroes I encouraged them to find the hidden coins
Here's my little Avery with one of the coin tags. 
I had a toy table outside with different 'prices' and the kids redeemed their coins for toys.

The jumpy castle
I bought this on Craigslist and the kids LOVED it. 
We even re-inflated it the next day so my little ones could bounce one last time.

My little superhero.

 Pin the Spider on the Web
This is the first game we played.  Each section of the web was worth
different coin amounts to use to buy more toys.

Musical chairs
Every round the 'winners' received a coin.

Content or bored?!  Not sure...

 Time for cake!
All in all the party was a success and Mason talked about it for days.  I love doing them and hopefully when he gets older he'll realize that it's just one of the ways for me to show him how important he is and how much I love him.

- Jacs

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