Saturday, 4 February 2012

Superhero Valentines

In October on Pinterest I saw cute little Hallowe'en packages to hand out at school that looked like Frankenstein, vampires and monsters.  I wasn't able to make them in time for Mason so I thought Valentine's Day would be a perfect time to try my own version.

Superhero Valentine

Mason is in a class full of boys so the whole Valentine's thing in the traditional spirit simply won't work, so what better than wishing them a 'Super' valentine with a superhero-inspired package!

These are SO easy to put together and are very quick to do even though it looks like there are a lot of steps (promise!).  I used 12"x12" cardstock and paper from Michael's, a glue stick, stapler, scissors, paper punches & ribbon.  I filled them with a small package of Hershey's kisses and a Hershey's chocolate covered marshmallow.

From my experience doing these types of projects, I do things in batches.  This is how I assembled these:

Cut the paper:
Blue body (4"x12"), Yellow head (4"x6"), Red cape (4"x6")
For the heart, I used a 2 3/4" round paper punch and then folded the circle in half to cut out the heart shape.  I didn't create a template so each one is a little different. 

I used a 1.5" square punch to cut the shape for the Valentine message in plain white card stock and then wrote the message.  I could have designed something on the computer to print out to make it look more polished, but I wanted it to be handwritten to feel more personal.  I also ran the edge of my Sharpie around edge of the square to make it stand out on the heart.

The mask starts with a 4"x1.5" piece of paper folded lengthwise and then I cut the shape.   For this one I did create a template after I cut the first one and achieved the size & shape I liked.  Then I used the template for the rest.

Fold the pieces:

Glue the capes onto the back of the body pieces.

Glue the head pieces onto the inside back of the body piece 1" from the edge. 

Glue the masks onto the front of the head pieces and then glue the hearts & square message pieces onto the front of the body.  I used paperclips to line up the head at the front with the yellow paper on the back to help me centre the heart on the blue body. Then, I eyeballed where to glue each one.

Staple the candy packages to the top of the front of the body.  Keep the staples as high as you can so the staples are covered when you glue the head to the body.

Glue the head pieces to the front of the body pieces 1" from the edge (make sure to cover the staples!)

Tie the ribbon around the body and keep the cape free.  All done!

I love these and if Avery was in school I would easily change up the colours and some of the details to make them more girly.  How cute would they be in red, pink and orange with a heart punched into the centre of the cape!

- Jacs 

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