Friday, 23 March 2012

Easter Ideas

Hello!  I can't begin to explain the craziness that is our life right now.  I'm still exercising with BodyRock (albeit it's only 3 times a week) and still combing Pinterest when I have a couple minutes to spare.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to post some pics of what we've done with our house because we're about to put it up for sale (one of the four things going on right now).  Remember the whole different carpet in every room thing when I posted about decorating the kids' rooms?  Well the rest of the house was just as bad.  But with some creative solutions and good choices we've been able to update it much more than I expected.

For now though I thought I'd share some great ideas I've found online or on Pinterest for Easter because it's only two and a bit weeks away.... yikes!

First, I'm obsessed with Subway Art.  When I post pics of our house, you'll see one I made for our living room that has important places and dates for our family.  Here are a couple cute Easter subway art printables.  Click on either image to go directly to the site where you can download them:

Source: Yeah, That's Macho & Tough
Source: Eighteen25

Look at these amazing bunny macaroons!  There's a full tutorial on how to make them at Raspberri Cupcakes:

Here's one that may be a little less daunting, sweet little Oreo cookie pops from HowDoesShe.  It has a tutorial as well:

How about these fun jello Easter Eggs from Choose to Thrive, also with a tutorial.  She uses a mold, but you could easily buy the plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store, cut (poke) a hole in the bottom and an empty egg carton to keep them steady while the Jello sets.

Or these cute nests from Lisa Leonard Online.  In her tutorial She uses rice noodles instead of Rice Crispies but I don't know how great that would taste... Any cereal with an twiggy type of shape (maybe shredded wheat that you break into pieces?!) would be great in these. 

If you're itching to decorate, how about yarn Easter eggs from CraftyEndeavor.  She uses 'starch goo' (flour & liquid starch) but I would imagine that watered down glue, like the kind you'd use for paper mache, would work too:

I love idea of using of coloured eggs like this:

Source unknown via Pinterest

Source unknown via Pinterest
And who can resist these dancing chicks from Myrtle & Eunice?! There's a full tutorial if you'd like to make some of your own.

Last but not least, if you're having people over for Easter, Martha Stewart has a full set of printables to create a beautiful dessert table with gift bags for your guests:

Happy (early) Easter!

- Jacs


  1. Such creative ideas out there! I love the jello.

  2. Are you the Jacs Odds and Ends from Etsy?