Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Week of Boy Wall Art - Part 2: Little Bees

Little Bees for Cole

My cousin and his wife had a beautiful baby boy, named Cole, and have decorated his room in dark wood and a bumble bee theme. This is what I made them for a baby shower gift.

What I used
- Ikea Ribba frame
- Wood 'C' from Walmart (craft section)
- Yellow acrylic craft paint
- Tissue paper
- Permanent fine tip Sharpie
- Print out of simple bees from Google images
- Water-based craft varnish from Walmart
- White card stock
- Tape
- Cork board from Dollarama 

- Paint the letter yellow (2-3 coats)
- Trace the bee image onto tissue paper using the Sharpie
- Lay the tissue paper image onto card stock and paint on the varnish to create the look of an original hand-drawn picture
- Cut the cork to fit inside the frame (this is used to support the image & create the correct amount of depth within the frame so that the back goes on properly)
- Once the varnish is dry, cut card stock to fit behind matting & secure with tape to the cork board
- Paint the yellow stripes on the bees.
- Once the bees are dry, place the letter behind the glass of the frame followed by the matting & cork board with the image.

I love how this turned out.  It's simple but SO pretty and yet perfect for a baby boy's room.

- Jacs

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