Friday, 19 August 2011

A Week of Boy Wall Art - Part 4: Paper Boat + Initial

Boat & Initial 4th Birthday Present

Another one of my cousins has a little boy who just turned 4.  His name starts with a J and I know they spend a lot of time up north at various cottages so I figured that boats would be a good image to use in a gift for him.

I kept the frame & background a simple white to make the colourful letter & boat the focus.  The boat is made from layers of coloured card stock with the sails & flag at the top all lifting outward slightly so the paper fans out and shows all the colours captured from the pattern on the 'J'.

What I used
- Ikea Ribba frame
- Wood 'J' from Walmart (craft section)
- Card stock (patterned & multi-coloured)
- Print out of simple boat shape from Google images
- White acrylic craft paint
- Aileen's Glue
- Glue stick
- Cork board from Dollarama
I love the dimension the layers of card stock create.
- Cut the cork board to fit inside the frame & paint white (2-3 coats)
- Trace the letter onto pattered card stock.  Cut, then glue it onto letter.
- Trace the boat image onto a scrap piece of card stock and use it as the template to trace onto coloured card stock (I used 5 different colours for the boat)
-I layered the boat pieces so that each section had a different colour on top.  When I was happy with how things looked, I glued the bottom pieces (of the boat image) one to the other.  I tried to keep them as closely aligned as possible to prevent it from looking sloppy but didn't worry if some of the colours were peeking through because they tied in so perfectly the the patterned paper on the 'J'. For the sails and flag, I glued only the inside edges together and fanned out the outside pieces to give the boat shape some depth and create the illusion/idea of billowing sails.  Once that was done all the pieces were glued to the white cork board.
- To finish, place the letter behind the glass of the frame followed by the matting & cork board with the image.

- Jacs

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