Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mmmmmmm yummy pretty cupcakes!

One of my best friends is coming over on Saturday so that I can show her how to work with fondant so that she can make beautiful cupcakes.  Years ago I was really fortunate to work (in an administrative capacity) with one of Toronto's most talented cake decorators and by osmosis I learned some of the basic techniques for decorating cakes.

My first attempt at putting that knowledge to work was for my son's first birthday - at the time I was so afraid of putting too many decorations on it and making it look really amateur, that I didn't put enough on.  Nonetheless, for a first time I still don't think it was too bad!

My son's Saggy Baggy Elephant 1st Birthday cake

His 2nd birthday cake ended up being much better (in my opinion) and I've done 3 other cakes as well.  Each one is a learning experience and even though I love doing it, it ends up being pretty stressful at times.  It's the perfectionist in me that wants extraordinary results paired with a skill set that is far less advanced that what it needs to be to make the vision a reality!

Back to the cupcakes.  My friend sent me this image last night:

I'm so happy to see that what she has in mind is pretty straightforward and other than the mini-cutters, I have everything on hand. 

I guess I'll do the baking tomorrow. I have some buttercream in my freezer that I hope will still taste ok (it's a couple months old).  I'll thaw some tomorrow as well to test it out.

If everything turns out well - I'll post the recipes and how to make simple fondant decorations :)

- Jacs


  1. Jacq, your first attempt at a fondant cake is still gorgeous! Mine was such a disaster that it's steered me from using fondant ever again. I've now moved onto a simpler method by using marshmallow fondant. I'm such a cheater!

    Do you have pictures of your 2nd, 3rd and 4th cake??? I would love to see the progression of your cakes. I'm sure they're just as beautiful as your first.


  2. Thanks Shae! I've heard of mashmallow fondant but haven't used it :) Maybe I should! I have most of them now - I've been collecting the pictures over the last week. I'll be sure to post something about them soon! Thanks so much for the compliments.