Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Epiphany. My passion.

I've been searching for the longest time to figure out what I love to do.  

I have always loved to make and create things.  I have also always loved working with people.  I need things that don't take very long since having 2 kids means my time is limited but also things that are either yummy (like baking) and/or beautiful (sewing/crafts).

For the last few weekends one of my best friends has come over to learn how to make fondant decorations and then fill, mask, and then cover a cake with fondant in preparation for her daughter's 3rd birthday.  Then today, I spent the morning with another friend showing her how to make chocolate lollipops with initials to give as favours for her son's 5th birthday.  I have worked with chocolate a little in the past, but I've never made initial lollipops with chocolate before.  So I spent an hour last night doing a couple tests to find the best method.

I digress.... !  As I was saying, I love to create things (especially when there's an element of figuring out how to do it) and I love to share that knowledge (must be my teaching background).  So it makes sense for me to use this blog as a way to do just that - teach people how to DIY.  I know, there are lots of other craft blogs that have tutorials - but I'm certain I have ideas and solutions that other people will appreciate and find useful.  I'm so excited!

Let the fun begin!

- Jacs

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