Thursday, 10 March 2011

Conversations with a 2 year old: The Willy

2 year old:  Mommy, you have a willy?
Me: No sweetie, only you and Daddy have willies.
2 year old: Daddy have willy?
Me: Yes, Daddy has a willy.
2 year old: Mommy I get you willy.
Me: Ok
2 year old reaches into his imaginary pocket and holds out his hand: Here Mommy, willy for you.
Me, accepts the imaginary willy: Thank you sweetheart.
2 year old: No Mommy you put the willy on!  You take off your pants.
Me:  Not right now honey.  Let's go downstairs. (I start going down the stairs)
2 year behind me:  You take off your pants... and your socks....

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