Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kid-Bits Craft: Handprint Flower Bags

I was at my friend 'A's place right before Mother's Day, she always has amazing ideas and she did this really cute craft with the kids that completely inspired me.

I love the idea of having a piece of your little ones with you, but it's hard to find ways to do it that don't look silly on a grown-up! 

Originally, I thought I could just re-create the flower look of the paper craft above using paint on a tote.  But I found out quickly that paint is pretty sloppy and even sloppier when you're trying to get a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old to put their hands down on a piece of material.  My first attempt was with my little guy and I envisioned using different shades of blue to give the flower shape more depth.  I was so disappointed that I actually ended up throwing the bag out!  That's when I tried using plain white paint on the pink bag.  It definitely was more in line with my vision, but still looked silly because they were glops of paint on a bag (sorry, I don't have a picture because I really thought it may be a dud of an idea). 

Unable to throw anything out with a 'piece' of my little ones on it, I rescued the first bag and put them both on the dining room table.  I had almost resigned myself to the fact that this ideas just wasn't going to work when a light bulb went off.  What if I could create the shape of a flower based on the rough guidelines created by the handprints....

Patiently I waited until the paint dried (it took about 14 hours because it was so thick in some parts!) and then once it was ready I pulled out my Sharpie and got to work. 

I started with the petals, trying to create them as closely as possible around the little fingers. 

When this wasn't possible, I simply drew in a petal in a logical place.  Once those were done I drew in the centre circle and then added the stem and leaves.  I didn't care if the lines weren't perfectly straight.  In fact I preferred the imperfection on these. 

I love the end result.  Artsy, impressionistic flowers that I created from the handprints of my two little loves  (but no one would ever guess that part).

If you like this idea but don't want it on a bag, you could do it on a canvas as a piece of art, it could be put on an apron or even on a t-shirt :) 

As for my bags, I actually gave the the pink bag to my mother as her Mother's Day present.  She loved it!

- Jacs


  1. I loved the artwork You + your children combined. I'm a Baby Nurse + visit many of the growing babies, small children and older ones. I love to do arts and crafts w/ the ones who are so inclined.
    On Mothers Day and other special times I like to make something special for the parents.
    This will defin. be a project I want to do!!!!

  2. It bursts alive with happiness! Love it! LOVE IT! You're great.

  3. Love these! Am going camping with our 3 little this weekend and I think we'll take this as an activity to do.

    Where did you find the plain bags, and what kind of paint did you end up using?

    Thanks much!

  4. Thanks Pauline! I used $2 natural jute bags from Dollarama and just acrylic craft paint.

    What a fun activity for a camping trip! Let me know how the bags turn out :)