Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Planning Avery's 1st Birthday: Part 4 - Party Favours (Girls)

We have 5 little girls (not including Avery) ranging from 3 years to 6 years coming to the party.  I wanted to have party favours that would be equally appealing for all the girls and I think I've found the right mix.

For Mason's 1st birthday I put together little loot bags that I thought were cute.  In retrospect they were like any other party favour - trinkety toys in a bag that were fun for a couple minutes but would likely get thrown out when the kids got home.

Since then, I've tried to put more thought into what I pick out. For example last year I made personalized shirts for each little person who came to Mason's 2nd party.  I don't know if they got worn (!) but there was at least more time and effort put into them as well as a higher chance that they would be used afterwards.

For this party, I tried to do the same thing - choose party favours that have a little more intrinsic value.

I found cute burlap bags with sturdy handles that are a perfect size for all of the girls who are coming.  I love that they're a natural fibre and have a summery feel to them given that the party is in May.  I also found pretty butterfly clips to attach to the top of each one.

I painted each bag with a flower and then fused on a fabric initial (See instructions below for how to do this yourself).  Inside each bag I'm putting in a colourful 'makeup' bag with a little mirrored compact, clear lip gloss, hair band, and a set of hair clips.  I hope they like them!

Personalized Bag

 Step 1 - Create the Stencil
Use the bottom of a glass to draw a 5 petal flower onto the back of cupboard liner sheets.
Cut out the centre around the middle circle and then the petals to create the stencil.
Remove the backing from the liner and place the flower outline sticky-side down in the bottom right corner of the bag.
Fold the sides of the stencil around the side and bottom edges of the bag.

Step 2 - Painting the Bag

Cut a small piece of sponge and dip it into craft paint then dab it inside the stencil.
Carefully remove the stencil while the paint is still wet (this will help create crisper edges).
Using the middle piece you cut in step one, cut out the centre circle and place on the flower (when it's dry).
Use another piece of sponge and dab on a 2nd colour.  I chose to use pink for mine.  Remove the centre stencil.
I found that the edges still weren't crisp enough for me, so I used a small paint brush and carefully painted around the outside of the flower petals and centre circle.

Step 3 - Fuse the fabric letter

Decide what type of letter you want to put on the bag.  I created mine in MS Word and then printed them.  
The image above shows the two different types of letters I decided between for the bags.
Use a fusing paper (like Heat 'n Bond) iron it onto the material and then cut out the initial.  Then iron the initial onto the bag.
(For more detailed instructions & images, refer to Step 8 & 9 in one of my previous posts)

Up Next:  Party Favour for the boys

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