Monday, 18 April 2011

Planning Avery's 1st Birthday: Part 3 - Invite Redesign & Monogrammed Napkins

Invite Update

After seeing the invites that I originally planned to use, DH told me didn't love them.  So I went back to the drawing board.  Just to be clear, if I'd decided to go ahead with the first ones, he would have accepted that.  But I really believe that being in a relationship includes respecting your partner's opinions and in this case, the party is being thrown by both of us for our daughter.  Plus, in the new design I was able incorporate my butterfly punch! 

The new (and final) invitations still incorporate all of the elements I wanted - polka dots, flowers & butterflies. They're still clean and simple although I think they have more of a traditional feel than what I was originally trying to create. 

They were pretty easy to make (on a scale of 1 - 10 where 1 is the easiest, they were about a 4).   I made Avery's name stamp (see how to make your own stamps) and used a tangerine coloured ink to stamp the front of the cards after I used the circle punch to create three round openings.

I used the butterfly punch (on the inside of the card) for the centre of each opening on the front.  To make sure they were perfectly centered, I created a template guide that showed me exactly where to line up the butterfly punch in the openings. 

After that I glued on different coloured small flowers across the bottom of the inside of the card in line with the butterflies.  When I positioned the flowers I made sure they weren't visible when the card is closed to keep the design as clean as possible.  I also like the idea that when you open the card there's more to it than what you were originally able to see - like a little surprise!

I measured out the ribbon (don't you love that it has polka dots and is translucent so the flowers peek through!) and cut strips that were the same width as the cards.  I wove the ribbon behind each butterfly and then trimmed the ends so they were in line with both edges.

Then I designed the inside information on Microsoft Word using 3 different fonts and three different colours (pink, tangerine and a light teal-y blue) to separate each part of the details.  These were printed on white cardstock on a colour printer, cut and glued on. 

The last detail was to add two flowers on the sides of the information.  I made sure the colours of these flowers were different than the ones behind the ribbons.  I wanted to make sure each card captured the essence of the colour scheme along with the design elements.

All done!  Now I just have to send them...

Monogrammed Napkins

Inspired by Miss 'M's monogrammed napkins, I decided to use the initial 'a' stamp from the first invitation design and a butterfly stamp that I found at Michael's to create our own set of napkins for the party.  I used the same tangerine ink that's on the front of the invitations for the 'a' and then a beautiful blue for the butterfly.

I found when I was making these that it was important to make sure the stamp was fully covered with ink before pressing it on the napkin.  I also had to rock the stamp around a little (without moving its position which would have smudged the image) to create crisp edges.

I love these and they were so fast to do!

Next step:  Goody Bags for the kids

- Jacs